Thursday, 20 November 2008

And These People *ARE* Rocket Scientists

A hundred thousand here, a hundred thousand there. Pretty soon, it adds up to real money.

Imagine my surprise to see that a team of astronauts, on a spacewalk, allowed a kit of tools to simply float away into space. (I can see the product placement opportunities right now: Space helmet: $2 million; bag of tools: $100,000. Remembering that there is no gravity in space and tethering your equipment so it doesn't float away: priceless).

Once when I was much younger and still living at home, I had to repair one of the headlamps of my car. The housing was not difficult to get at, and the job completed in about 10 minutes (plus time to drive to Pep Boys). I was so pleased with myself, I forgot to unlock the spanner from the engine block, where I had temporarily fixed it to throw the burnt out bulb away.

About six months later, when I popped the hood to check the coolant, there was my father's vise grip where I had left it, and subsequently driven from Cleveland, OH to Palo Alto, a trip of about 3000 miles.
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