Thursday, 3 May 2012

I Read the News Today; Oh Boy!

The president has sponsored a web site - I suppose to foster support for his re-election - depicting the imagined life of a CGI-generated person.  The hypothetical person is dubbed "Julia" in the spot.

It's perfect, really.  A made-up person, created to win four more years for a Walter Mitty president, using make-believe accomplishments as evidence.

Aside from the general creepiness of the ostensible cradle-to-grave socialism ("the government" enables utter bliss for "Julia" at each step of the way) and flat-out twisting of reality ("Julia" remains as a student on her parents' medical insurance - part of the "reform" forced on us - until she is 26.  Yes; there are PLENTY of people who spend EIGHT YEARS in college.  Like Senator Blutarksy.  But then, Bluto only had "seven years of college down the drain.") is the choice of name for the fake person.

The Future Senator, Who Now Can
Remain on his Parents' Insurance

"Julia" is the name of a Beatles song, written by John Lennon about his mother.  The opening line, "Half of what I say is meaningless."

Who said Mr Obama has no sense of irony?

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