Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Saw a Ship a Sailing, Part 2

Some months ago, I wrote of the news of an old college friend who had had a brain tumour; the tumour turned out to be cancerous.

Yesterday, Ben (the friend) celebrated his 44th birthday - so he's older than I am.

He celebrated the birthday in grand form, and shared pictures of himself skating on a rink that had been set up in Boston's Fenway Park.  Ben and his family have been kind to update those of us far flung on his progress, which I am happy to say has been good.

Also shared were holiday pictures, including a couple with the Boston Red Sox's (Sox'?) 2013 World Series Trophy - Ben is from New England, and a life-long fan of the Red Sox.

Now, I personally hate the Red Sox, but am willing to let this go.

Hope to see of him singing the national anthem again at Fenway this year (as he has done in the past), though sorry; still cannot bring myself to cheer for a Boston victory.

Friendship has its limits.
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