Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I Robot (Driver)

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Read in the news today (sorry, link is in French) that several EU governments are close to an accord (and have been working quietly on the tech required) that would grant them some control over all vehicles on the road by 2020.  The idea is one that putatively has grown from the number of high-speed chases and related injuries.

Under the research, cars, trucks, and other similar vehicles would be equipped with a device that would allow police, from a remote location, to slow or stop a selected car.

It reminded me of the movie "I, Robot" just a bit.

Other applications hinted at would be to control speeds, space cars on the roadways, and otherwise "improve" the road safety in the European Union.

Anyone who has negotiated the notorious Etoile (the confluence of about a dozen roads around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris) can see the appeal, of course.  French drivers are notorious; I personally have had more than one sheepish Parisian explain the various impacts of the "Latin mindset" on driving habits.

Tyco Racing Comes to Paris

One group who are less than enthused is the UK group "Statewatch," who see not safety, but a creeping central government. Of course, the English people are not "Latin" so their driving tends to be a bit less random.

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