Wednesday, 17 September 2014

1 Wait Until Next Year; 2 GOTO 1

Hit and run post.  I awoke this morning to see that 'my' team - the Toronto Blue Jays - lost again last night in Baltimore.  Another loss for this bunch is typically an unremarkable event, and last night's effort was itself pretty quotidien for a team that doesn't hit, pitch, field, or run the bases particularly well.

No; the only thing really to stand out from the 8-2 loss, the third straight for the Jays, in which they managed two hits against a guy who:

  1. Had not pitched for a month
  2. Was pulled from the rotation because he was awful
  3. Entered the game with an ERA of nearly five
was that it eliminated the team from contention for the American League East penant.  The Orioles, with the win, clinched their first title since 1997.

This marks the 21st consecutive season that the Blue Jays will not win the penant.  And though they are still mathematically eligible for one of the two "wild card" spots, they now are five games away from that, with 12 to play.

It's a nearly lead-pipe cinch that they will miss the playoffs.  Again.

The last time Toronto was in the post season was 1993.  I was then 23 years old, and just starting my second year of graduate school.  

In fact, the last time the Blue Jays finished within 10 games of a playoff spot was that same year.  They have not been realistic contenders in 21 years.  This year, barring a complete mail-it-in finish, they likely will break that streak.  

The only other team in the majors with a current resume of futility is the Kansas City Royals (have not been in the playoffs since winning the World Series in 1985 - ironically, after being the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit by winning the final three against the Blue Jays), and KC is likely to get in this year.

This will leave Toronto alone atop the hill of mediocrity.

Truly, the Blue Jays are now the three legged dog of professional baseball.

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