Thursday, 25 September 2014

What's in a Name?

I was reading the scores from overnight back in the US, and I see that Toronto, following a disastrous road trip to Baltimore and New York (they went 1-6, eliminating them from playoff contention for the 21st consecutive year) won its third straight over Seattle.

The Mariners are the Blue Jays' professional twin in a sense - both entered the American League in the 1977 expansion.  Toronto will go for the sweep tonight in a battle of futility (they put a raw rookie on the mound versus the M's who will be making his very first career start; Seattle counters with one of their bullpen corps who is making the second start of his career), and have all but put the Mariners out of contention.

I noticed that the losing pitcher last night for Seattle was a guy named - and I am not making this up - Taijuan Walker.

The name looks a bit unorthodox.  It needs to be said out loud to appreciate its true glory.



I did a double take at first - was his real name spelt as T-A-I-J-U-A-N?  Is it possible that it's really just "Juan Walker," and ESPN has made an unfortunate amendment?  

Nope; several other spots on the ESPN web site confirm it - it's Taijuan.  


I thought next, maybe the guy is from some far-off land and thus whilst the name would pronounce in an unintentionally hilarious way in English, if said in the proper language perhaps it's perfectly reasonable.

Nope.  He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana.  US of A.  His middle name is the perfectly reasonable "Emmanuel," which itself is spelt in the traditional way (Emmanu-el is the Hebrew for "God is with us").

Why on earth would someone give his kid a name like Taijuan?  I understand that narcistic dimwits like Kim Kardashian might name their children things like "North" (the child's father is surnamed "West," so the kid's full name is "North West."

Parents - THINK before you name.

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