Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One Definition of "Shared Responsibility"

First, a mea culpa. I voted for the current occupant of the White House. I remain glad that his opponent did not ascend to the throne. But I am getting an increasing feeling of buyer's remorse. Here is, inter alia, one of the reasons.

The Democrats are very, very fond of talking about "shared responsibility," and people paying "their fair share." (nota bene the use of the word "share" in each talking point.) What, exactly, do they mean:


Yep; as with the housing melt-down, and the spending of tax money like Frank Sinatra on shore leave, those of us who now are foolish enough to actually use our credit cards responsibly - who apparently have been "getting a free ride" - will further subsidise those who don't. Our fees will go up; our interest rates will rise. All so that those who do NOT use credit properly can be cushioned from their own sloth, cupidity, and downright foolishness.

I ask Mr Obama and Ms Pelosi: At what point are you going to stop telling me how much "responsibility" for others I need to share, and start asking those who are getting us into this mess need to share some responsibility for themselves?

After all, when I was in kindergarten, "sharing" involved more than one person.

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